Whether you're a writer seeking publication, someone who writes for the pure pleasure of it or someone who hasn't written in a long time and wants to try, you've come to the right place.

Getting started.
Each of us carries story and has experience or wisdom that wants to be written. Many of us wrote as youths, haven't done so in a long time, or wonder what it would feel like to begin.

Want practice, critique or help showing up?
Do you want to join a group for writing practice? Do you need structure to get the project you have started done or want feedback on how it reads? Do you need a gentle nag, push or lift to sit down to write?

Need to organize your work, refine or polish?
At some point in the writing process, we all need an experienced pair of eyes or someone with a keen ear. Maybe you want assistance preparing your work to send out or just have someone take one last, detailed look at it.

Want a writing workshop brought to your group or organization?
Want someone to give a workshop or be a guest teacher? I offer writing workshops and literature courses that can be tailored to your particular interest or audience, and I can come to you.

Meet a writer who is in one of my groups.
Jacquelyn Wells has been a member of the Six of Swords Writing Practice group since its inception in May, 2002. She writes plays, poetry and prose; is an actress and director and is a member of the International Women's Writing Guild. Jacquelyn has a clear, evocative and powerful voice. Meet her now and read a few of the pieces she wrote in group.

Hear what others have said.
Read what others have to say about the experience of working with me.


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