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Writing Practice Groups

Using poetry and prose as writing invitations, Rachel offers a creative way to access feelings, thoughts, imagery and story. This results in a more meaningful writing experience. Sessions run approximately two hours and are held every two weeks. Group size ranges from 4-10 women and include all levels of writers.

Current Groups:
Daughters of Discs
Queens of Cups
Six of Swords
Women of Wands

Contact Rachel for availability.

Critique Groups

More structured, this a place to read your work and receive feedback about what you have written. Printed copies of the writing you want to share are brought to the group and read aloud by the writer. Group participants offer constructive feedback on what worked and didn't work in the piece. Groups meet every other week, and group size ranges from 6-8 members.
Current Groups:
Scribe Tribe I
Scribe Tribe II

Contact Rachel for availability.

Writing in Community

Many of us need help showing up for our writing. Knowing that others are writing with you, regardless of whether it is in Rachel's studio or in your own home helps. Check in with others.
Current Groups:
High Nooners
Free Writers

Contact Rachel for availability.

Writing Workshops/Courses

These are more formal courses that combine lecture and writing practice. Group size ranges from 8-50 participants.
Past Courses Offered:
Letters and Literature
Luscious Language: Unwrapping the Gift
Meet Your Muse (in Mallorca, France, London...)
Poetic Voices
Sifting the Silt from the River
Voices: Manifesting Family Stories
Writings by Women of Our World
Others - as requested

Contact Rachel to arrange a workshop.

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